Trauma Informed Care

How to help take care of your trauma. We all have experienced trauma, but it is NOT A life sentence! You can overcome actively what difficulties you’re going through.
Here are some helpful ways to overcome trauma.
REALIZE: understand what happened during your trauma and the paths for recovery. Sometimes we don’t even know that we have been traumatized and our behavior comes out in a way where we can recognize that we have been traumatized and using coping mechanisms.
RECOGNIZE: the signs and symptoms of trauma in yourself and in others if you’re helping them through this time and any others involved.
RESPOND: be fully integrating knowledge about how to heal from your trauma into your daily practice of self healing and self loving.
RESIST: resist re-traumatization situations, where you could be fueled into a repeating toxic cycle.
I say all this because I’ve been through a lot of trauma at a young age, even through my adult life I have experienced trauma. I feel we live in a society where being open of your feelings and your healing and helping others with their healing is a kept secret behind closed doors. I fully believe in Brene Brown’s message of vulnerability is to be human, is creating change, is helping others recognize their own trauma as we heal through our own.
I went to a treatment recovery school/program for my last year in high school. At the time I didn’t think I needed it. I had already experienced different therapists and psychologists from the age of 12-17. Looking back 13 years later, it was the best decision that was made for me, and as traumatizing as the whole transition was, I learned a lot of how to heal myself and collective healed with a community for a year. I was in therapy every day, group therapy, and housing therapy groups, many different therapy lessons and techniques I learned, and went through a whole process to help heal myself and others. I share these thoughts with you in hope that it helps at least 1 person out today or in the future.
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