Ariel & Ursula Mentality

I feel like that moment Ariel got turned into a human from being a mermaid…NO not the glorious moment where she was turned from her father out of love to be on land with the one she loves…the time Ursula tricks her and steals her voice and gives her her legs…thinking she’ll be able to walk and make the deal and kiss her loved one on time to keep her legs.
Remember in the end of the story Ursula is defeated and Ariel gets her love and happy ending. Yes all bullshit and Disney whatever…there are Ursula’s out there trying to take your life, your legs, your voice. Don’t let the Ursula’s scare you, make you hide, cower, feel ashamed, feel wrong, take your energy away, take your legs away, take your voice away!
Remember your voice is powerful. Your legs can walk for miles. You heart can stand heartache and heal. Your mind can handle the explosions of what life hits you with.
Life isn’t easy. But we all have a choice…to be nice, to be kind, to treat others how we want to be treated, to be honest, to not steal, to have integrity, awareness, and love in the process of you, of others, as your life unfolds before your eyes in this moment…HOW ARE YOU REACTING? Remember to always act out of love 💕 Karma is real. Energy reciprocation is real. I know that if I always act out of love in every situation no matter how hard someone has screwed me over, hurt me, abused me, I know that Karma’s circle of energy comes to those who deserve their reciprocation back. ALWAYS ACT OUT OF LOVE 💗
Comment a 💗 below if this rings true to you. I’m sending you love 💗 click the save button on the bottom right if you really liked it and need a reminder to look back at it.
P.S. this face is from Halloween. This moment in writing has been happening and is currently in the present. I speak from the heart always and from personal experience to connect with you. I wish someone had told me several of these things when I was going through rough times, I hope it rings true in someone’s heart to help. Many blessings -Lee
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