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You gain more self-awareness by practicing the five yamas in the 8 limbs of yoga. It helps to transform negative energy into positive and peaceful healing to the soul. Starting with the first yama, some info and some tips to help start practicing.
1st Yama-Ahimsa
NON-HARMING: In Sanskrit the prefix A means “not,” while himsa means “harming, injuring, killing, or doing violence.”  Ahimsa, the first of the yamas and the highest ranking among them, is the practice of non-harming or non-violence. This is the key, to maintaining both harmonious relationships in the world and a tranquil inner life.
As our journey unfolds, it leads to awareness of the peaceful and enduring core that is our true nature; the desire to prevent harm is a spontaneous expression of that awareness. We begin to realize that the inner self in others is identical to our own inner self, and we wish no harm to come to any being.
✨Practice being more kind, accepting, and forgiving of yourself and others.
When ahimsa is fully embraced, an inner confidence emerges that is deep seated and surprisingly powerful. -Rolf Sovik, Yoga International

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