✨My energy is directed in my divine path right now.✨

Brahmacarya/Brahmacharya is the fourth Yama in the 8 limbs of yoga, meaning: ‘behaviour which leads to Brahman’, also in MODERATION, some consider this also celibacy, it’s to your own interpretation.

Brahman is thought of as ‘the creator’ in Hinduism and Yogic terms, the behaviour which leads us towards ‘the divine’ or ‘higher power’. 

Practicing this in yoga is meant to conserve your sexual energy to use this energy to further your yoga self healing practice. Having the ‘right use of energy’ direction.

⁉️Are you trying to please a physical outer energy, or an internal energy, directed for peace, comfort, and self love❓

✨In yoga: Listen to your body…you don’t have to get that 3rd, 7th, or last vinyasa in… option for child’s pose when you need it. Take time to surrender. If you do a lot of high energy workouts, try a balance of restorative yoga practices as well to help heal the body faster. Feeling more whole and healthy, happier, and more peace in your energy balance. Meditate more!

✨In relationships: are you just having sex to finish the evening with your partner❓ there a real connectio❓…could you benefit from something that preserves your energy with your partner, meditating or tantric yoga practices, other than sexual desires, where you may just be burning your energy out with no real desire of true connection❓Sex needs to be meaningful every time. Notice in moderation….

“If we are able to direct our energy towards something positive each day – rather than directing our energy towards our often negative thoughts – we’ll not only be able to boost our immune system, but we’ll also actively be making the right use of our energy!”-Emma Newlyn, Ayurveda & Holistic Health Teacher

✨In everyday life: are you too BUSY❓Do you fill your schedule too much to maintain a healthy balance of energy to yourself❓Sometimes we fill up our days with so much and no time to just sit and breathe, that when we get that chance to find peace it’s uncomfortable because we don’t practice it often.


✨Where energy GOES, energy FLOWS.

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