Shaucha means purity, cleanliness and clearness. Refers to purity of mind, speech and body.

Visualize a plastic flower, clean in your hand, then a real flower with some dirt on it in the other hand, you can automatically tell the difference. This is the difference between clean and pure. Be natural, not artificial.

It’s not about literally cleaning your body, it’s also about mental clarity…through right action and spiritual knowledge.

Excess mucus is produced, circulation deteriorates, lymph movement reduces, acidity rises, bowels slow down, constipation arises – all primarily due to poor lifestyle habits. Look what’s happening on the inside of your body.

Pure foods should be ingested as well. Food with life. Vegetables and fruits. Not consuming intoxicants. If ENERGY is going to FLOW through the body, the body needs to have CLEAN ENERGY put inside, for a more harmonious structure and flow.

“The inner and outer body purified what really matters isto behave and conduct ourselves with integrity. To strive to not hurt, be honest, to earn rightfully, to respect the senses and sexual energy, to abandon greed and focus on need, is a powerful practice of inner purification.”

-Paul Dallaghan

Ask yourself some questions⁉️

Do I keep my clothes, environment, and food clean❓

Do you pay attention to what triggers you, so that it doesn’t hurt others❓

How natural do you behave❓

Do you put a front on for others, being artificial instead of authentically you❓

Am I comfortable with just myself❓

☝️that last one is one of the hardest ones sometimes, and I have seen through the years of observing the world through my eyes.

In relationships: so often we are not ok with ourselves, and we find “jumpers.” Before one relationship is over they are already on to the next, like a “serial cheater.”…this is due to lack of comfortability in self, 1 reason. DONT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WANT, AND WHAT YOU VALUE IN A RELATIONSHIP for the other person. It is a disservice to yourself and to the other, for time and energy. Stand true in your beliefs of what you value to be more comfortable with your natural true self.

Kindness, caring, charity, selflessness, honesty, all come from the heart. The purer the heart the more natural these qualities flow. Real inner joy is a result of purification.

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