Tapas is the third of the Niyamas which means discipline, austerity, or burning enthusiasm.

The word Tapas comes from the root Sanskrit verb ‘tap’ which means ‘to burn’, and evokes a sense of ‘fiery discipline’ or ‘passion’. Tapas can mean cultivating a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away ‘impurities’ physically, mentally and emotionally, and paving the way to your true greatness.

This heightens our desire for personal growth and reminds us of how much we love our yoga practice.

In yoga: just making the time to be on our mats. Taking time to be still. Encourages us to practice even when we don’t feel like it. Notice in foods, not to eat right before practicing. Practice poses we avoid the most.

Tapas also helps to take away the negative thoughts patterns, burning them away with our passion to move through Emotion.

Outside of yoga: breathe through difficult challenges in life. We find strength to lift up in poses that we can alter into our daily life as well. Learning to be strong and heading on challenges ready to face them. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH!

Focus on your SOLAR PLEXUS! Your fire! Your gut! Your light! Your power! Your strength! Your self confidence, and higher self esteem! This is where it all stems from! YOUR POWER HAS NOT BEEN LOST! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE! LITE YOUR FIRE!

What does Tapas mean to you?

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