Svadhyaya is the fourth limb of the Niyamas. As a yoga teacher we often can help with yoga poses when someone asks for help. Can you offer assistance/advice if someone asked you for help from any of the 8 limbs of yoga?
Svadhyaya translates into “self-study.”
✨dhyaya—is derived from the verb root dhyai, which means “to contemplate, to think on, to recollect, or to call to mind.”
It doesn’t quite mean a psychoanalysis of yourself.
Think of the ocean, the waves. Each wave is connected to a being, noticeable by location, qualities, shape, color. The SUBSTANCE of every wave is the SEA ITSELF. Waves and the substance from which they rise are one in the same. Waves appear the same, not changing the immensity or water in which is in their being. A wave is the ocean. It’s own identity. The waves have different qualities but not all autonomous. Svadhyaya is similar in thought that the awareness of consciousness in each being. Each mind is a wave of connection in vast consciousness. This is the process of SELF DISCOVERY.
When the mind is distracted desires and mundane experiences, the mind is dominated by RAJAS (principle of activity). Rajasic elements need to be disciplined to have quietness and peace. When the mind is TAMASIC (principle of obscurity) we need to prep our practice, including all yoga disciplines to prepare for Svadhyaya.
In meditation: find a repeating mantra to focus on 15-20 minutes, morning or not, or both! Repeats Soham (so-inhale, hum-exhale) -means: “that I am, the Self I am.”

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