Ishvara Pranidhana

Ishvara pranidhana— means to surrender (pranidhana) to a higher source (Ishvara).

This lesson looks at yoga, your practice, yourself, as a sacred shift in perspective, to align and receive, being grateful for this life force we embody.

This method helps end agitations of the mind, it might not feel like it at first though. Why⁉️ It SHIFTS our PERSPECTIVE. It takes out the “I” from narrow concerns (ego) in our reality – to- a sacred grounding of self of just being/existing. This state helps you connect to your core, your truth, your inner light, inner self, inner child, divine self, god, higher power, spirit, soul, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, the universe, the collective …everything.

Think of your emotions as layers of an onion, your true core self is in there, you have to peel away the layers to surrender. To just unfold. To open palms and open heart. To be vulnerable. Meditating. Surrendering.

In yoga:

✨As you surrender to your yin poses, deep connective tissue stretching, holding grounding, relaxing deep stretching poses for 3-5-7 minutes each for 30 minutes for beginners- 1 hour- 75 min- 1.5 hour experienced.

✨In Savasana/deep rest state/corpse pose- to allow to surrender to the vulnerability of your own thoughts and emotions, to lay in stillness, palms open. (For beginners 10 minutes, experienced 15-20 minutes)


Ishvara -is the inner compass, pranidhana – is remembering to stay connected to that essence not just occasionally but throughout the day. Ishvara pranidhana is also translated as “offering the fruits of one’s actions to the Divine.”

Outside of yoga class:

✨Having an alter for appreciation, candles, crystals, pictures of family and friends, lost loved ones, special memories, to HONOR, LOVE, and APPRECIATE.

✨To give thanks before you eat. Offer food to someone else who needs it.

✨Offer a bowl of your food to the outside birds and nature.

✨Light a candle in memory of.

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