Top 20 Things I Learned Detoxing

My detox isn’t over. It’s been weeks for some, days for some when starting over from 1 time of use…
✨ juices and smoothies for 1 week,
✨raw vegan for now and before the juicing for a week
✨edging for a month now, from 1 cycle to the next
✨no sex during my period, womb healing for 11 months, won’t ever again, that’s my time to heal my body
✨no alcohol for weeks now
✨no smoking, no vape, for weeks now as well, have fallen off twice.
✨I’ve taken my immediate messages off IG and FB for months now, no direct notifications from social media, only checking 3x a day
✨22 days of breathing techniques and kundalini in the morning
✨be patient with yourself during your detoxes, we often fall off, it’s ok, start again when you can
✨we don’t need so many attachments
✨all we need is already right in front of us
✨still detoxing, staying raw vegan for a while, will go back to vegan during this weekend slowly, edging, no alcohol, no smoking, no carbs, no sugar, no chocolate, no sex during cycles, PRESERVING MY ENERGY!
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