Be Patient

Be patient with your growth. Everything in life is a journey. It’s never going to stay the same. It’s not going to be stagnant.
I’ve been on a detox for 2 weeks now, I have fallen off several times. No sex, no smoking, no alcohol , raw vegan, no carbs, no sugar. Some I have fallen off more than others.
I go on detoxes every season to bring more clarity and focus in my life. We often get caught up and being comfortable with our attachments and suppress other emotions with different attachments to cope. I take away the attachments to make sure that I’m coping healthily. Taking away attachments is very hard. It is not easy. It’s not supposed to be easy.
When we live a very comfortable and easy life, something else emotionally or physically may be going on inside of you that you do not realize because you have been coping with something and suppressing what needs to be addressed.
when we take away attachments, we find the struggles, we find how we are coping, we noticed our mistakes, we notice more of how something deeply affects us.
Life is not easy, it’s not supposed to be easy. But we can find grace, we can find peace, we can find our faith. Detoxing is a spiritual journey. Our life is our spiritual journey. Listen. Listen. Listen, to your heart, to what the universe and what God is telling you.
And don’t beat yourself up about falling off your detoxes, it happens. Do the best you can.
Sending you all love.
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