Chakra Healing

Chakras is the heart of my practice. I incorporate the knowledge of awareness through them so that you can work on your emotional and spiritual side, while in tandem with the physical state of being. If you haven’t read my book, dm me for it! I’ve complied everything into 1 so that you can have an easy access guide to self healing through your chakras! It is also used in other trainings! There’s a story for my book on my IG. Ebook is $45, Printed is $50.
Also I want to give a shoutout to @nonc3nsical_delight for having an amazing healing session with him yesterday! It was honestly one the best healings I have ever had! Everything flowed together so perfectly. As a woman I have never received a healing from a man before, but I was intrigued to allow the masculine energy to help heal my broken image of the masculine side, to the hurt feminine side. To all women who have been traumatized by other men, Kevin holds a safe and sacred space for you to feel comfortable and at peace within yourself. Receiving a healing from Kevin, as the masculine side helps to heal both sides of my kundalini energy, it flowed perfectly together! As women it is nice to receive healings from other women, but there is a masculine side to us that also needs healing. When the woman is ready to receive healing through the masculine side, I highly recommend @nonc3nsical_delight reach him at @theholisticepiphany
Picture from @somos.otempo

•° each chakra is within the body • yet they are bodiless •° they are the vibrant spirits and connected with countless realms • Amit
༶ when we align inside, the Universe puts life in synchronicity with us 𖦞
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