Dharana is the 6th of the 8 Limbs of Yoga by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It refers to concentration of the mind. Practicing dharana involves fixing the mind on a particular object…either external (such as an image or deity) or internal (such as a chakra).

Dharana in Sanskrit means “holding,” “concentration,” or “steady focus.”

The last three limbs of Ashtanga yoga, dharana, dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (enlightenment)…are collectively referred to as SANYAM, which means “control.”

Patanjali explains dharana as the BINDING of attention to anything more than a single spot. He also states that the last three limbs should be considered together, as they are progressive stages of concentration.

🌈In meditation: focus on a chakra internally, mantra, or affirmation. Focusing externally; a mirror or candle, or breathe work. Sitting for 10 minutes and work your time up.

We are so used to jumping from focus to focus throughout the day – work, to Instagram, to work, to a text message, to work, to eat, with kids, back to work, errands, and so on throughout the day. Dharana is about the practice of controlling what your mind focuses on instead of thinking you can’t help what you think about. YOU CAN!

💜Meditation is a practice I always say. Just like yoga, cooking, your hobby is a practice. You have to practice daily to improve.

💜There’s NO such thing as FAILURE! Once you practice mediating, you’re doing it! You’re succeeding. There is no failing in meditating.

💜find grace, patience, understanding, and love within yourself as you practice, be gentle on yourself always.

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