Dhyana- diˈyänə – ध्यान
It means Absorption; union. It is the 7th limb, or requirement, to attain full Self-realization as outlined in the Yoga Sutras from Patanjali, saying “concentration on higher aspects of reality.”

“Dhyana is the ability to merge with the object on which you are concentrating. For example, someone who had achieved the state of dharana would say that they were able to focus completely on a light during meditation. Someone who had achieved dhyana would say that they seemed to become the light, as if they had merged with it.” -Ananda

This weekend I had a direct reflection of this. I had a merging. I was ready. I’m not afraid. What had scared me was your fear. DON’T BE AFRAID. Ask yourself, are you fearful⁉️ And then take that DOUBT away…Merge as you are ONE, we are ONE, God is ONE.

It’s ironic the synchronization that life shows you when you’re ready to pay attention. I honestly can’t even believe that the signs God, Mother Nature, and Light, has to show me, us, the collective.

As I continue to heal myself, the world is shown to me in tiny mirrors, tiny windows of truth in my reality of my dimension. As my dimensions walls of illusions are shut down 1 by 1, taking the matrix down, showing me truth, I see the truth, I’m trusting in the truth of the light I see…this may all not even make sense to so many out there…and will only make sense to those in my path, on my path, or who have walked the same path….my path is to show truth, to have no fear, to be with love, trust in love, and show love. Merge for love. Merge your desires, your life, your goals, your strengths, your power, your dreams, your love, your passion, your truth, your DIVINE path is leading, waiting, and craving for you to follow. Listen to your dreams, they’re telling you something.

Tap into you when you meditate.

Watch the movies “Waking Life” and “I Heart Huckabees”

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