Prāṇāyāma is the fourth limb of the eight-limbed yoga system, by Patañjali in the Yoga Sutras. It means to extend, to stretch and, at times, to restrain life force (“prāṇā”) through the breath. It is the breath of LIFE!

Prāṇā is a force in constant motion that drives the energy of all living things. “We are born with a certain quantum of prāṇā, and we maintain it, increase it or decrease it through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the actions we perform and the kind of life we lead,” says Swami Saraswati. So true❗️

Yoga helps to increase our prāṇā through regulation of the body’s systems, cleansing practices, meditation, and the cultivation of mindfulness.

How does practicing Prāṇāyāma help⁉️:
✨Supports all layers of your soul
✨Supports the physiological structure of our respiratory system, keeping it strong and toned as we age.
✨Direct effect on our cardiovascular system by regulating the heart’s rhythm
✨Slowing heart rates generally help to live longer than those with faster heart rates, Prāṇāyāma literally extends our life.
✨Direct link to our mental and emotional states…The breath highlights agitation in our psyche, as seen in anxiety it shortens the breath and moves it up into the chest. Regulating the breath is a way of regulating that familiar process. As the Buddhists say, “So the breath, so the mind, so the heart.”

Mind and prāṇā are often said to be like the two wings of a bird. Each moves and acts in accordance with the other. 🦅

✨Allows us access to the great universal force/awakening, known as Mahan Prāṇā
… Prāṇāyāma guides our individual prāṇā into alignment with this universal force/awakening. This alignment helps us experience our highest self in union with a universal consciousness. As we pass through the layers of the body and the mind, we are brought into relationship with this force/awakening, so that we can realize our fullest potential.

💗Practice with gentleness, compassion, and patience. It designed to meet you where you are at and to support you on your journey.
🌈If you want to start breathing techniques with me today, DM for private’s. YouTube videos up. Link in bio. #pranayama

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