“Hare” (ha-RAY) divine feminine potency of God
“Krishna” (KRISH-na) all-attractive one,
“Rama” (RA-ma) reservoir of all pleasure.
The sound vibration of the mantra has a direct impact on your soul. Awaken your soul. Raise your vibration #japamala#meditation

Patanjalis last limb of yoga, a path to enlightenment, or higher consciousness…is Samadhi. Samadhi means pure bliss, tranquility, fulfillment, and spiritual illumination, the realization of all spiritual practices.

This is a state of meditation absorption. This is the joining of the individual self with the Universal Absolute. You have to work and deserve to get this to this state of being, following all limbs before the last. It can only be fully appreciated in experience, it is hard to articulate the feeling.

There are 3 stages to Samadhi:
🌈Level 1: Savikalpa Samadhi- transcend mentality (4 stages)
✨Stage 1. Sarvitarka Samadhi-examination outer.
✨ Stage 2. Savichara Samadhi-subtle objects understand inner.
✨ Stage 3. Sa-ananda Samadhi-let go of objects, love mind as is, pure bliss/joy.
✨ Stage 4. Sa-Asmita Samadhi-cosmic consciousnesses, let go of ego, divinity bliss within.
🌈 Level 2: Nirvikalpa Samadhi-ego leaves, material world shadows, higher consciousness, heart larger than universe, Everything is here and now, withdraw from normal life, Unbounded Field of Infinite Possibilities.
🌈 Level 3: Dharmamegha Samadhi- “Cloud of Virtue”, let go of desire to know God or to be enlightened, it’s a divine gift, Jivanmukta—liberation while still in a physical body, all karmas removed, It is said that in this state, the Yogi sees without eyes, tastes without tongue, hears without ears, smells without nose, and touches without skin. His/her mere intention can work miracles. The Yogi simply wills and everything comes into being.

Another side note: 🌈Sahaja Samadhi-
inner silence is maintained with normal daily activities. Maintain experience at all times, radiate Divine Illumination, the Divine is perfectly manifesting through you at every second.

If Samadhi is your goal… find a regular meditation spiritual practice. Enjoy the blessings that you receive. Everything will be reveled in the right time.

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