Trauma Healing Path

Trauma healing can be a fulfilling, joyful, painful, and dismantling, to relearn how to love yourself through the trauma.
The stages to help self heal…
1. Create a sacred and safe space
2. Tell you story individually and collectively
3. Feel all the feelings to express
4. Making sense and understanding your story
5. Healing through layers of grief
6. Transformation
I welcome you to safe and sacred space for trauma healing, vulnerability talks, womb, reiki, chakra, tantra, and sound healing. Let’s get to the root of our issues to help heal ourselves with compassion, understanding, and thrive in our souls for this beautiful life. This is a donation based event! All women are welcome!

Saturday, January 23rd 4-6pm

Sugar Land, TX Location will be sent through email when you register, 1 day before event to keep privacy.


Link in bio for EventBrite

Donation Based- All Women Welcome!

Learn Techniques to Help Heal at Home!

Speaker – Terina @tdbeautiful
Yoga & Chakras – Lee @leefitlife
Reiki & Sound Healing – Andrea @astra_medicine_woman_
Refreshments & Gifts Provided
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