Sacral Chakra Mudra

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Sacral Chakra Mudra
Shakti Mudra

Shakti mudra is a symbolic, ritualistic gesture of the hands often used in Ayurvedic or spiritual yoga practice to produce calming effects on the mind and body, specifically the pelvic area.

In order to perform this mudra, the fourth and fifth fingers (the ring and little fingers) of both hands are pressed together, while the other fingers curl into a fist-like position, with the thumbs tucked against the palms.

In Sanskrit, shakti means “power” or “empowerment,” and mudra means “gesture,” “mark,” or “seal.”

Recommended to practice this gesture in a quiet setting, while focusing on the breath, if possible, for no more than 10-15 minutes at three times a day. Over-use of this mudra is thought to cause lethargy.

For those who engage in a spiritual yoga practice, the shakti mudra is thought to influence the svadisthana (spleen or sacral) chakra, and is often considered a sensual or “feminine” mudra due to its effect on the pelvic area. This mudra can be combined with meditative poses like padmasana (lotus pose), or with pelvic-opening postures like malasana (garland pose) or utkata konasana (goddess pose) to deepen its effects.


Signs of Blocked Sacral Chakra:
Lack of creativity
Sluggishness and laziness
Low sex drive
Feeling emotionally numb
Inability to express emotions
Lack of excitement and joy
Feeling unworthy/unloved
Feelings of shame or guilt
Controlling behaviour or codependency
Inability to be spontaneous
Fear of change
Feeling overemotional
Sexual addictions
Unhealthy attachment to others
Manipulative behaviour
Use of sex to avoid dealing with emotions
Mood swings
Feeling ruled by emotions
Poor boundaries

I attract people who treat me with respect

I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life

My emotions are free flowing and balanced

I am a creative being

It is my birthright to receive pleasure

I honour the sacred body in which my soul resides

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