Self Love Healing Packages

Self Love Healing Packages are available on website at
Why work with me?
I’ve been working on my healing journey since I was 12. After much individual therapy, group therapy, a treatment center, physical therapy, and countless healing trainings over the last several years…I have never stopped learning. I continue to learn and love learning…I’m in 3 online trainings right now, and another starting in March! I have 10 different types of healing modality certificates and 2 degrees in Education and Applied Sciences (Art/Photography/Graphic Design/ Business.) You’ll receive an email of my resume and certificates upon buying a package. I’m a single mom of 3 loving beautiful children! They help me grow and heal the most!

Healing has been a practice I have fallen in love with. It is hard to work on your shadows all the time, but you get to enjoy the joys in life when you can recognize your full potential power and make your dreams a reality!

What you get!
I’ve learned techniques to heal through abusive relationships, self harm, negative thoughts patterns, divorce, relationship healing, self healing therapy, certified yoga training 1000+hrs., chakra healing workshops & ceremonies, tantra healing, Certified relationship and life coaching, magnetic marketing coaching, certified nutritionist, ebook & journal content, free downloads, weekly calls and video chats, certificates upon completion, free extra video content, sponsorships, gift packages, and more!

I’m here to help you grow into your most authentic, loving, powerful, and spiritual being that you are!

Message me if you’re ready to dive into your healing journey and unlock your gifts and see your full potential!

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