Whatever you’re not changing, you are choosing. What a powerful and simple message.

We often find ourselves in life when we’re going through different types of transitions when we don’t know how to see a perspective that serves our highest purpose. we often think that, going through a divorce, going through a job or income loss, losing our home or finding a new home, losing her car finding a new car, ending you’re starting a new relationship, grieving a loss, facing death, just finding out you’re pregnant or having another child… sometimes we can see these perspectives as negative instead of positive.

It’s important to see the positive and the negative in all situations. It is not OK to only see the positive in everything. It is not OK to see the negative in everything. We have to see a balance of both. We have to know when something is hard and difficult to handle, and to feel all of the pain that we are supposed to feel. As much pain as we feel, we will have as much equal joy on the other side. You cannot ignore your feelings and think that you will have more joy because you’re pushing away emotions that need to be felt.

We still have to find meaning in our experiences of why this is happening to “ME” in my life at this moment. Are you ending a karmic circle❓Are you beginning a new karmic circle❓Are you choosing a new path❓Are you following the same path that you have been forever❓I challenge you to change. To embrace everything that is happening to you as a reason to help you change into your highest version of yourself.

My dharma has always been to be a teacher. My calling as a profession has changed several times all leading me to this space here and now and I’m so grateful for all of those experiences. I’m here as a relationship coach, a shamanic guide, a yogi practitioner/trainer/and always a trainee, meditation guide, dream maker, and listener for your sacred space. Dm for privates 🌈

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