Channeling Spirit

As I drive, and process what I was just a part of, crying tears of joy. I was meant to be at this ceremony, with all 4 of you. This is the best I can remember from what this Goddess said on her healing journey.

She channeled God, Light, Love, Mother, Our Ancestors. She spoke directly to us all. She challenged and spoke in tongues. She channeled her shamanic awakening.

It was a blessings to be in your presence. This was divine. Preordained. Aligned. You have found your tribe. We are ONE.

“I am
I am
I am

I am backwards is

I am the one
Don’t you see
Open your EYES

Count all the trees you see, and those are all of your ancestors.
Look at the stars. We are the stars. Your ancestors are the stars. We are all up there, as one.

I am the root
I see you all
I am Mother
I am all
I am

I am her
She is here

Live in symphony and harmony.

We are ONE

Don’t doubt yourself.


they worship the one that I made

I made man

They don’t get it

I made him

Why don’t you just listen?
I’m talking to you

Do you know how protected you are? If you only knew how protected you are you would be free.

Be free. Let go.

You need to hear it. Let go.

They don’t know.
They don’t know.
Tell them.

No disease will enter you. I will destroy it. You are protected. Do the work. Keep on your path. “

I didn’t want to leave that space we had held for her. I had to go and was saying goodbyes, as we hug and hold hands, you said the words I needed to hear to let go. You tapped into spirit. You are a gift. Share your gift with the world. Share. Service. Symphony. Harmony.

We are only ONE as a Community, Harmony and Symphony.

We are ONE.
Don’t you see!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
To all

Surrender to your hearts completely.
Connecting here and now.

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