Cobra Breath

The Kundalini Cosmic Cobra Kriya

Kri- action of the elements
Yoga- union of the soul

Breath is the mediator between the Soul and the mind.

The Brain is the mediator between the sense organs and the mind.

This breathing technique is considered one of the most beneficial breathing technique. It helps you find awareness, direct advancement, evolution, multidimensional, effects energetically and physiologically, balances left and right side of brain, balances masculine and feminine energy.

The most awesome part of this breathing technique is that it electro-magnetizes your cerebral spinal fluid, causing it to flow more dynamically to your brain, bathing the brain in this charged to fluid. This activates the third ventricle, known as the cave of Brahma or the Crystal Palace. The third ventricle contains the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus gland. When activated correctly the glands create what’s called Tantric marriage. This opens a higher level of awareness, giving you access to both sides of your brain at the same time. This awakens thousands of dormant neurons. Once you’ve activated new neurons and pathways this allows you to experience and feel in a new level of consciousness and awareness.

First image Artist: Jessica Perlstein @jessicaperlstein

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