I am listening

The universe has been screaming at me!!
why don’t you listen? Why don’t you listen? What is holding you back?

Thank you @drumdoula for making this beautiful work of art, the spirit, thank you for your spirit. I planted the umbilical cord, I’ve been planting new seeds…
The seeds are growing into flowers!
The bloom I see and feel!
I feel in me
in you
In the collective
We are rising

in order for me to have to plant new seeds, I had to dig in the dirt and get my hands dirty, to make new seeds, to make new growth.
Don’t you understand?
Don’t you already know what you have to do?!
Purging of people, of toxicity, attachments, illusions, life patterns, what I thought I needed or wanted…WE ARE THE ONES THAT LIMIT OURSELVES!

Open your gifts
Your power
Just YOU!
Your destiny
Your service
Your dharma
Fulfilling your life and purpose.

Dm for privates

#shamanicawakening #riseandshine #powerof1000suns #drum #drumdoula #ceremony #elements #elementsofnature #unblockfear #consciousliving #gratitude #wellnesscoach #love #chakras #evolution evolve #relationshipcoach #selflove #innerpower #innertruth #rise

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