Universe Holds Me

The universe holds me. The universe hugs me. The universe supports me. As the universe holds me it rips my heart open and shows me that the universe is inside of me. As the universe opens me, and opens my universe, I see that my universe is the same as your universe. My universe is holding your universe. As the universe holds you, and opens your heart wide, and sees the universe inside of you. You are the universe that holds me. I am the universe that holds you. The universe holds us all. We are all the universe.

We can choose to be aware of the universe inside of us and around us, and how the connections reach other people, other beings, other souls, other lives. If we choose to live blindly to the universe, the universe will blind you. You can live a blind life, or in a awake life. The life I choose… The universe is holding me, every star I see, I see you.

#theuniverse #god #light #love #palodurocanyon #medicine

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