Infinite Orgasms

Eye see your eyes and I can see the Infinite

The cosmos

Your soul

My scream is infinite

My orgasms are infinite

I can feel this all the time

City folk

Your sick

You’ve forgotten how to connect with the Elements

This Yellow

This Purge

This is what you’re made of

This is what you’re letting go of

Look at it

What are you made of

Every element

Those crystals are the same as your mucus

One liquid

One solid

Both pure

The cosmos in the mucus

The cosmos in the crystals

An infinite universe they are

The tissues

This paper

The wood

The treeS

The Forest

It helps you

Helps you

Where’s your sky?

Where’s your stars?

Where’s your trees?

Where’s your BIRDS?





THE Jingles in the air

The wetness from the rain

The earth you walk upon

You have forgotten!

You lost souls wondering on concrete

In cars

In air conditioning

In water you don’t pray to!

In mirrors that give you an illusion!

Where are the Trees!?

Look up and see,

The rays of light shine different here

There’s a smog

The light doesn’t transfer clearly through the Smog

The Thickness

The Fog

The Thick Air

This Sickness

Feel It

City Folk

It’s killing you here

You think you can find a Balance?

The elements you can pray to all the time,

You can Honor Them

When you live in the City

Your honoring the City Life

A Portal is Here

It is Now

Yes they’re all around

But right here and now

Someone awaits

Someone is smart

I love you

The Good

The Bad

They’re the same

Lightness buried beneath

You can see them both

Shine the light in the elements

This aluminum

This paper

This plastic

This mucus

Your crystals

This rose

Your skin

The redness

You are all ONE

A cosmos of a Manifestation

Of Creation

By You

My orgasms are infinite

#infinity #gasms #reactivation

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