I am a Tree

I am a tree
I am nothing else
Nothing more
A tree is everything
I am the roots
I am the connection
I am the web
I am weaving my web
I can feel the strings being pulled,
I am a spider
I am all animals
All living souls
Are me,
I am them,
I can feel my roots expanding
I can feel my roots changing directions,
Connecting deeper

My roots connect to the
Center Earth Star
The heat of a 1000 suns
At the core of the earth my soul magnetically connects to the energy of Pachamama,
She nourishes me,
She heals me,
She gives me what I need.

I am a tree,
I am the earth,
I am water,
I am Fire,
I am air,
I am all elements,
All elements are One,
Every material object you touch and see,
Even your own skin!
Your own body inside and out, is made of all elements,
And again all elements are one element,
The separation of the 4 elements is an illusion,
They all need each other and work with each other to make the other,
Without 1, there would be none,
Without ONE,
There would be None,
No us,
Because there is One,
We are!
All we have to do is honor the earth,
We give back and receive…
You may think your 9-5 job is serving you…
Is it?
Are you creating an illusion that you’re giving back?
What are you giving back?
When you give back you receive 10 fold.

The more you let go,
The more you will receive,
You’ll only find out when you actually do this.
And to it’s fullest extent.

What service are you doing for others?
Is your service for others, igniting their souls purpose?

I am a tree.
I am the earth.
I am nothing more,
And everything at the same time,
You are a tree!

The trees are my ancestors,
They’re yours too.
Every tree on this earth,
Every tree on other planets, other lifetimes, other galaxies,
Yes there is and are,
Think of all the trees they have cut down..
For what..
For an external need that we feel we need to validate out of our own ego…

The trees are the stars.
They have no bounds,
The stars are your ancestors,
They are with you always,
They are always around you,
They are infinite,
To the star nations we honor you,
All who come before us and those who come after us,

We are one,
I will keep reminding you of your infinite self

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