Let go of your Agenda pt.2

when are you going to let go of your agenda?
When are you going to let go of a life that gives you no service?
When are you going to step into your power,
and step into the gifts that God has given you,
and take a leap of faith on your spiritual journey?
If you’re reading this post,
it’s a sign for you.
Instagram is a portal,
messages are sent all over the world,
all over your city,
all over and through your friends.
All of these words are codes.
They are a code.
Languages are a code.
Pictograms, hieroglyphics they are a code. Braille is a code.
Light language is a code
sound healing has codes.
Body language is a code.
The body is a code.
We are just atoms moving around in a molecular state of matter,
again it is the soul that is infinite.
Do you believe we have the power of free will?
I believe in the moment of
here and now,
the moment of creation,
the moment of manifestation,
all we have is now.
What are you doing with your now?
….looking at Instagram….
It’s ok I won’t judge…
Because we’re all perfect.
Perfect is now.
Everything true.

Part 2

#illusions #love #life #reprogrammingyoursubconscious #consciousvibrancy #consciousness #copal #water #elements #prayer #bufo #sacredtoad


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