There is no Feminine, no Masculine

You will keep limiting your power the more you describe yourself as masculine or feminine energy…
You are both…
They are one…
When you side with one or the other,
You limit your potential.
There is no feminine
No masculine
We are just one,
Those who are ready to comprehend, they will,
Those that this doesn’t make sense,
It’s ok, maybe later it will click.
Im not here to make life easier for you,
I’m here to help you see,
Open your eyes,
You are God,
You are light,
You are everything!!!!!!
There is no limit to your power and potential.
For realz….no lies….
You have more power than you think…
We’ve been brought up in the matrix world,
We’ve been born to forget our powers!
Wake up!
You’re as powerful as God!
If you don’t believe it, than it is true.
Your truth is your truth.
The real truth of God,
Of light,
Truth about the Universe will set you free!

#theuniverse #setyourselffree

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