Your Greatest Good pt.1

Everything is working out for you and your highest good.
You are strong enough.
You are brave enough.
You are infinite.
You are infinite.
You are infinite.
The mind cannot comprehend being infinite.
The mind is of matter, matter, material, of this 3-D world, the mind does not pass on to another life, it is the soul.
Yes higher Infinite self does know that you need more work to do,
that you need to learn to let go more,
that you need to let go of every fear,
all of your guilt,
all of your shame,
anyone who you may be grieving,
take away all of your lies,
take away all of your illusions,
and take away all of your attachments. Everything you have grown to love,
let go of.
It may be harsh to say to the human,
3D mind,
But I understand that love is an energy.
We are made of energy.
Love is an energy that never dies.
Energy never dies.
Your energy will never die.
You are infinite.
There are no labels for yourself,
there is no identity,
there are no names.
There are no races.
There is no gender.
Your infinite self has no bounds.
If you keep trying to understand with your mind you will go crazy.
Crazy in the 3-D world.
Crazy in the spiritual sense,
meaning you’re probably more smart than others can come to comprehend.
We still have to operate in this 3D world,
Operating with the human body to reach the soul.
Follow your soul and everything will align in your highest good for you.

Part 1

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