Thank you Bufo
Thank you Source
Thank you Everyone
You are me,
I am you,
We are One.
Everything is One.
This separation you see and feel is an illusion,
Our minds make this up,
What we think is separate,
Is actually all one in the same,
All elements aren’t even individualized…
They are all parts to One Whole.
Your eyes create illusions.
If you have glasses, take them off,
God gave you gift to see the Truth!!!

You can do no separation…without glasses,
Take them out,
I’ve had 3 corneal ulcers from contacts…
I stopped wearing and have worn glasses again for last 8 years.
With stopping use of contacts and practicing with SANANGA medicine for the eyes…
My eyes have healed….so much more than I thought I would be able to…
I used to have a -3.75 vision, now -1.00 vision.
I can see clearer, brighter colors, my visions through Spirit are clearer, I’m able to See the Truth!

Thank you Pachamama for all your medicines. Animals and Plants are us! We are the medicine! They are the medicine. We have a choice to heal or hurt. I choose to HEAL! With love and light, all of my being I believe that Bufo may help you find your divine path. It’s helped me and many others to Remember Who They Are again! To Connect to Source, Light, Love. It can help you let go of Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and so much more.

The experiences that we have are not attached to us. We create an illusion of identity that it defines us. It does not. You are pure light and nothing more and nothing less. You are perfect as you are. Shed your skin and see your soul! We are One, Brothers and Sisters. Here to raise awareness in the New World that’s coming for our next generation. We’re here to support the rise of light of Heaven on Earth, as it is already here and now, let’s celebrate as ONE.

Bufo interviews coming soon!

Dm for private ceremony or group ceremonies.🐸🌈✨

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