Let your Anger Go!

Ones fear can get the best of them.
Ones anger can get the best of them.
What do you do in those situations?
Do you react out of anger right back, or frustration, or pain?
Take a step back.
See that they’re really talking to themselves…
When they say anything it’s a reflection of them, they are their own mirror, their own universe that they created.

To have no fear,
Is to have no anger,
Is to have love
Self love
Self respect

Accept all as true and perfect.
Raise your hands up on the roller coaster ride of life! Ride the waves.

Continue to show love for those who don’t understand, they just don’t understand.

Some take the Truth as an insult, or something personally directed to them, what the Truth does is it directly challenges the Ego. If the Ego is challenged and the human doesn’t know how to check their own Ego, they could take Truth as a personal attack.

We have the power ourselves.
Don’t give your power away to another.
When you ask everything…why, what, where, when….
You are questioning the Universe
You are questioning Yourself
Have no doubt
Have no fear
Continue to self love
Show love
That’s the only way any will learn.

Learn out of love, not out of fear or pain.

They are great lessons but look deeper behind the fear and pain and see where Love takes place.

Love is an everyflowing energy that never dies.

Love surrounds you.

You are Love.
You are Light.
You are Powerful!
You are Brave!
Remember who you are!!!

#light #rainbows #sky #rememberwhoyouare #fears #doubts #letgo #illusions #letgoofblockages #love #selflove #youarelove

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