We are all the Elements

You are all the elements.
They are all in One.
How often do you pray to the earth,
The heart of the earth,
How often do you pray to the water,
The grandmothers that have held tradition for eons.
How often do you pray to your fire,
Your grandfathers who have protected you,
How often do you pray to the wind,
Your ancestors and ancient ones,
The ones who come before us and the ones who will come after us, our children’s children…?

When you pray to the elements,
You honor yourself,
And remember who you are,

Do you know how to build a home,
Filter your own fresh running water,
Make your own fire,
And transform all the elements into air!?

The earth and all elements teach us many lessons, if we pay attention.
It’s easy to get caught up in human chaos drama, but we still have to remember who we are and to pray to what gives us life…

The earth,
The trees,
All connect to your Consciousness

Your understanding of the elements will transform into a conscious understanding of yourself.

All of creation is medicine.
The sacreds have taught me many lessons, I continue to learn, I continue to shed my past, I see my infinite self, my infinite nature, I see your infinite self, it’s time to wake up and remember who you are.

Start working with the elements of creation and honor yourself, to honor others, to honor this life, to remember your ancient infinite self, to honor the whole collective.

Crickets, cicadas, frogs, and toads taught me to sing.
Snake taught me to shed my past,
Mother Jaguar taught me to pray to the water and to protect our medicine space.
Our Ancient Ones taught me how we need to raise our next generations.
The Great Eagle Condor taught me how our light shines on others and how to spread love and awareness.
Mother Earth, Pachamama taught me to honor all life.
Father Sky taught me how to pray, how to receive, how to show up, how to honor, I feel the kisses from the rain from our Grandfathers, from Source in special moments that remind me that I am connected at all times, I just need to tap and tune into that and my frequency. The frequency of the earth, of all life…

We are One .
I am ancient.
I am.
You are.

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