We are Source!

Can we go back to source?!
We are Source!

Where nothing is but pure light?
Where we didn’t separate but lay in each other’s arms without feeling any touch?
Floating somewhere before the existence of stars and galaxies?
Where infinity was nothing but a state of being?
Can we go back to not having thoughts and bodies?
To just be energy and love?
I want to feel as light as the reflection of sun rays on ocean waves.
I want to go back to my deepest source and remember the things I forgot when I came here.
I want to feel that I am anything and everything at once.
I want to remember that I am the universe expanding in slow motion as a human in this lifetime. Just a glimpse in this infinity.
I remember. So let’s go to the root together?

The stars are smiling:
“In order to remember you need to break free from the person you are now.“

I smile back:
Welcome to my rebirth and thank you for the reflection. Thank you for undressing me and covering me in moonlight so I can dance in my very own galaxy.

This is a reflection of me. I honor you. Thank you for sharing. @asha.earth
Text by @aylinslight
Art by @anniestegg

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