Honestly, I only fully understood this after my orgasm! After many, the intensity and ecstasy of reaching to a surrending state of divine pleasure, tapping into someone’s soul so deep that they’re constantly a fountain of fluids, happy, crying, all the feelings at once, I saw the BEAUTY IN ALL MOMENTS…
I say “Hare Krishna” in moments when I need to meditate and calm down to help me draw to the divine present moment…
In this moment, I recognized the beauty in the painful moments of life and the most joyful moments, as they had merged into ONE as I said Ase! I saw it was ALL DIVINE.
Ase comes from the existence in Yoruba, Nigeria.
To conceive the Power
To make things Happen.
To produce Change.
Given by Olodumare to everything — gods, ancestors, spirits, humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, and voiced words such as songs, prayers, praises, curses, or even everyday conversation.
Learning how to use this Life Force of Energy, to effect change is
To invoke the Divine!
Recognize the Unique in All.
The Beauty in how society has structured and the relationship between all worlds, as we heal bringing the
Divine into Action,
Into Existence,
Into the Here and Now.
The most beautiful moment of creation is HERE AND NOW.

#ase #ashe #yoruba #harekrishna #mantras #divine

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