I am the Water Bearer

Thank you to Pachamama
I am the RAIN
I am the WATER!
I talk and pray to my waters and the waters around me and within me listen to my prayers.
When the Universe responds back to you, and you see, witness, and be a part of the missing puzzle piece to make all life complete it’s infinite nature…it’s a sight and feeling unlike all I have ever felt before…
The synchronicities that led me through this weekend will never go unnoticed. This was just the beginning.
One of my most profound Bufo experiences was when it rained for me, a couple months ago…everything in life had clicked…I understood the meaning of Life. The Celebration.
The Connection.
The Prayers.
The Deeper you Immerse yourself into the Earth, you become ONE with the earth and all living beings.
The second time it Rained for me in Bufo, I felt the power of my light take all darkness away and cleansed the land and the people, all living beings and creatures, all of life…I felt the Joy of the Unknown to tap into my Power and the Power of the Universe, Pachamama, Father, Spirit, The Mystery, Great Spirit, Everything…there are no words to describe the connection with Water.
I am Mama Cocha
All elements
All life
I cleanse all darkness in the name of Light and Love.

#tapintoyou #iamspirit #weareone #bufo

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