It matters who you learn from

I choose to Trust those with many years of experience,
Learning from those with Tradition and with the Masters of this World.
✨It matters who you take Medicine from.
✨It matters what Tradition you’re learning from to keep the Medicine Safe and Sacred.
✨We don’t know everything, we are a vessel for Spirit always learning.
✨I choose to learn from the Guardians of the Medicine with Knowledge dating back 6,000 years and more.
✨I vow to keep the Medicine Sacred, Safe, and making sure I am always listening to Spirit.
✨Thank you Plants, as you are the Wisdom Keepers of this Infinite Life.
✨Thank you to the Special Human Spirits in my Life who are guiding me to uphold Heritage, Tradition, Values, and Morals.
✨I am blessed with this Life to Honor this Medicine Path, to Honor you as your Spirit Awakens to Freedom, to Awaken those who are Asleep when ready to embark on this Journey.
✨It matters how your Medicine is Cultivated to make sure that the Spirit is still in the Medicine.
✨Be aware of those who call themselves Shamans, who have never taken the Medicine.
✨Listen to your instincts around others, that is your ancestral link telling you Why!
✨Be aware of those who use Spirituality for their own sexual or financial means.
✨See if those who you’re taking Medicine from give back to the Community where their medicine is from, and give back to Pachamama.
✨Joy and Happiness needs to be cultivated as your Medicine is Ethically sourced.
✨Prayers need to be said and musically versed as the medicine cultivated, sourced, and when being taken.
✨I honor all.
✨I value all.
✨I am all.
✨Wakatanka Wakatanka Wakatanka

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#medicinepath #honor #respect #value #heritage #tradition #culture #roots

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