There are things that our human mind can never comprehend.
It is too conditioned and too programmed.
However we have another way of understanding life, that is trough our hearts, that is connected to the essence of life and the divine consciousness.

Our hearts feel, our hearts can comprehened things that our eyes cannot even see. Because when you close your eyes you can feel even stronger and that feeling is there even if you can’t touch it.

So magic is something that you cannot really visualize, see or touch. But it still exists, and once you believe in something you have never experienced, you open a door to something extraordinary and magical.

Once you start believing in magic, your heart will become your eyes and your perception of reality will never be the same.

Text by @true_goddess_warrior
Art by @doriana7dream

#divineconsciousness #heart #love #spirit #bufo #motherearth #pachamama #learningfronthemedicine #plantmedicine #animalmedicine #frequency #vibration

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