Save the Amazon!


As mulheres guerreiras da ANCESTRALIDADE, da rede ANMIGA, se juntam a todas as pessoas que lutam em defesa da Amazônia com o corpo território e com o corpo que cura.
Convidamos todes para dizer um BASTA ao desmatamento, pois esta ação violenta os nossos corpos ” Territórios” e ” Memórias” da nossas ancestrais


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The Amazon is Us!
We would not be able to live on this planet without the Amazon.
Not only physically but also spiritually.
Our indigenous ancestors hold the wisdom of Creator.
Settlers came here and created what is happening now!
Genocide is happening.
Right now!
It never ended.
The silence is Over!
I Pray for Peace,
I Pray for Love,
I Pray to the Forest,
I Pray to all Life,
I Pray to all Beings,
I Pray for letting go of Systems that help you to forget WHO YOU ARE!!!
I Pray for all cultures!
I Pray for Remembrance.
I will keep spreading awareness, keep spreading love, wake up America! This is not your land! This is not your system! You have been lied to. You have been stripped of your memories! I PRAY YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR CONNECTION TO SPIRIT AND TO MOTHER EARTH. She is all.

For all.
If you want to do something about it…reach out to me.




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