Meaning #1: I am He

Soham is a Sanskrit word  formed by two words: Sah (he) and Aham(I)

Who am I?
Real self is nothing but individual self.
Who is He then?

That He is none other than the greatest force that controls everything, that is Brahman or Universal Self.

Soham means my Individual Self is Universal Self.
According to Vedic Scriptures…

We are God. Our real Self(real “I”) is nothing but God. We cannot understand this eternal truth due to ignorance. Our Supreme Spiritual Masters help us by removing the ignorance to realize our true Individual Self that is not different from God.

Meaning #2: Breathing
Soham is breathing process. So, it is the basis of our life. Our inhalation makes the sound “Soooo” and exhalation is “ham”. Or vice Versa.
Just like Shiva and Shakti. Every breath reminds us the non-dual principle of Vedas, we are not different from God.

Soham mantra is close to Hamsa, which means White Swan Individual Self.

Non-dual awareness of “I am the Universal Self ” is intricately connected with our breathing.

Focus on your Breath! We can then connect with our Universal Self.

Meaning #3: Ajapa Japa Chanting
You can transcend to Samadhi state.
It is our breath, prawns, LIFE!

Meaning #4: Shiva and Shakti (Tantric Perspective)

Sah (He) and Aham(I).
He is Shiva.
Aham is the collective power of letters A to Ha in Sanskrit alphabet, i.e. Parvati.
They sustain our lives.
Our parents.
Our ancestors.
Our protectors.

Sah is Shiva. 
Aham is Shiva’s “I” awareness which (Vimarsha)
Soham means Shiva and his power Parvati (Shakti).

Meaning #5: Yoga, Merging with the Universal Self

Sah  is He(Universal Self a.k.a God) and Aham is I. We are not separate from God. We merge with God and the understanding of this through many different ways like yoga, meditation, mantras, affirmations, traditional practices.

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