Vibration, Frequency, Energy, Bufo

I am grateful for you being by my side during this journey.

We have been by each other’s sides all along.

I dreamed of you.

I manifest you.

You manifested me.

We are what we prayed for.


Bufo has been teaching me so much about myself,




How we tap into ourselves

How we tap into the earth

Into Source

Into Life

Into all


You are Everything


I used to be very disconnected with myself and yoga brought me to my tears, my feelings, my healing, myself…

And as we talk about the past we are no longer in the present, which is why I focus on everything NOW.


Bufo has been teaching me lately about vibration, energy, and frequency…how to tap into myself, the earth, Source, and all. I am a person who loves vibration, I love movement, I love moving energy, I can see energy move, I can see energy, I can feel it move, I am the Source of I feel Everything, Everything that is Pure, Light, and Love.

Anything that is darkness is not of pureness or love, if you experience this, purify yourself with your prayers and intentions. No one else can do this for you, but you. We are guided, but you still have to do alllllllllllllll the work!


I’ve been learning a lot about music lately…I came out of Bufo one day and said “why is there music?” If everything is pure as Source has made it then why are we adding something external to our experience?


In yoga, and in meditation, we know that outside sources will affect our internal presence, in order to go more internal we need to take out the external sources. Listening to your digestive system, is still an example of an external force. And as I learn this, I have the option to unlearn and relearn. As we lay in stillness and in silence in Savasana we have surrendered to our pure self. There is no need to do anything other than to feel the amazing presence of Source and You, because you are ONE.


Music can amplify or take away from the experience of bufo, of all experience in life. Some people have connections with certain songs that give them memories. The only songs that I will continue to play, in bufo, in yoga, and meditation, and all forms of my life will be continuing with medicine music, music that has been used for thousands of years that are here to help heal your spirit and your soul, to help you remember who you are.


Bufo has shown me even more about vibration of music, that it can help you move through the astral. There’s a perfect blend of fading in and fading out of music, and the best music, is Nature, is the Earth, is what is Divine in your space. The sound of birds, the wind, the fire crackling, sounds of ants moving in the leaves, the blend of sound healing with music to help you on your journey, is a big lesson I have been learning. I am here to listen, To the strongest medicine of this world, to the most ancient knowledge, and listening to Spirit, and myself! You are the medicine. Tap into you. You’ll find your gifts that your Soul wants to share with the world.

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