We’re Engaged!

A love like this is what I prayed for. 💕🐸♾✨🙏😘🌊
Thank you to everyone who was here to make this happen.
Thank you Ome
Thank you Leslie and Family
Thank you Rudy and Andrea
Thank you Brooke and Charlie
Thank you Universe
Thank you Allllllll
We’re engaged! I love you Rob.
I prayed for this love.
I prayed for you.
I prayed for this path.
I’m so glad I believed in my dreams, trusted the Universe, and allowed everything to be as Perfect as it is Now in this Moment. Blessings blessings blessings. A weekend I will never forget.
The rain came to me.
The Universe heard my call.
I will follow Spirit with complete Trust.
Mother Earth knows what she’s doing.
The Elements are Divine and know how to keep Balance.
We are in Balance.
I love you with my infinite Soul.

flowerblessing #love #infinite #water #pachamama #bufo #redpath #trust #faith #gratitude

@usnt_shamans.new.tomorrow #usnt

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