You are Everything

Dance on the earth,
With the earth,
With her,
Roll in the sand,
Play in the water,
Pray to all the elements.

Spit to the Earth
Give your energy to her
She sustains you
Your roots
Your ancestors
Your connections
Your foundations
You are the earth
She fuels you
Walk softly on the earth.
Roll in the sand!
She has the biggest star and light force within her.
For the earth is you and within you.

Drink and pray to your Water,
Everything is with intention.
Pray for what you want, not what you don’t want.
Move as fluid, gentle, and as strong as the waters are.
Be water.
Adapt. Change. Grow.
Be like bamboo
How they grow in the water,
How they’re strong and flexible.
How they can carry water fluidly.
For the water is you and within you.

Dance with the Fire.
Make a fire.
Build from the earth to the sky.
The gateway.
The portal.
The pathway.
He takes away all shackles of fears.
The pathway and connection to your ancestors and to Source
Cultivate. Sustain. Love. And Care for the Fire.
Your Energy
Your life force
Your Power
Your strength
Your confidence
For the Fire is you and within you.

Dance with the wind.
Your breathe is your Prana
Is your Life.
This comes from the Trees
The Amazon.
The Earth fuels you.
What have you done for her?
Can you feel her soft kisses in the wind?
Can you feel the energy of You surrounding?
Can you hear the cicadas, birds, crickets, All the Winged, Furred, and Creepy Crawlers.
They’re in a vibration that connects with the earth.
Can you TUNE IN!
Draw awareness within
For you are the whispers in the wind and the wind is within you!

You are Everything
You are
I am

Thank you Pachamama for healing and teaching me.
Gracias Los Dios
Gracias Abuela
Gracias Abuelo
Gracias Los Ninos
Hare Krishna
Bufo Bufo Bufo 🐸😘✨♾🌈

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