Aerial Rig

Aerial Rig @ #medicineforthepeoplespiritualgathering
See you soon!

Aerial Yoga Benefits:
✨Deepens stretches.
✨Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger.
✨Releases tension.
✨Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)
✨Enhances core strength.
✨Improves breath awareness.
✨Easier access to inverted postures.
✨Releases endorphins.
✨Inversion Therapy
✨Calisthenics & Cardio
✨Flips & Tricks
✨Relieves back pain
✨Womb healing
✨Outer Body Experiences
And more!
For all weight and sizes! For all levels.
🌈Dance Flow
🌈Flips & Tricks
🌈Yoga Nidra
Included Energy Cleansing, Crystal & Sound Healing
✌️I can come to you, or you come to me for privates, dm for a session.
✌️For Birthday Parties or Events as well.
✌️6 week programs available.
Experience 4 years with Aerial

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