Ancient Being of Light

You are more Ancient than you could have ever imagined!
This sand in my hand…where did these rocks come from?…This used to be a Mountain! Now the Mountain is in my hand like dust, falling through…All of your molecules have been Transformed, Transmuted, Reprogrammed, Made as One so Perfect and Divine….
You are made of the
Ancient Mountains,
Ancient Oceans,
Ancient Earths,
Ancient Fires,
Ancient Air,
Ancient Gases,
You are an Ancient Spirit,
You are an Ancient Consciousness.
When born into this time of the matrix, we had to choose to Remember or Forget…I choose to Remember, I choose to help, I choose to be of Service…
We are all the mountains and seas that you ever dreamed of.
All your dreams are real. They’re lifetimes of information trying to send you a sign to REMEMBER.
This medicine is so Ancient before time was ever called time.
Time doesn’t exist.
The earth runs on vibration and frequency, JUST LIKE YOU!
There is no Calendar
There is no time
There is no agenda
No list
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
I am right here now.
Now is the time of Creation and Manifestation.
Your hands are of Creation.
God is a word made up.
Source is real.
All religion is made to separate you.
You are Everything!
In Everything you are Nothing.
You are Everything in the most divine.
The grain of sand that made you from a mountain! The rain drop from father sky who made you. The ember from the fire that gave you soul. The air the whirled you into this beautiful perfection of a dream is real.
I am
You are
I am
My an
My am
I am that I am
Iam all cients (science beings)
I’m Ancient
Ancient Being of Light.
I was formed from the fires of the sun, the magma from the volcanoes, the water from the deepest waters found, the tiny molecules found in your spit is the multiverse. Everything has to deal with energy. If you believe in illness and disease, you will have it. Destiny is yours today to decide where you want your life to go.
You are an Ancient Being of Light! You’ve been transformed to the highest elemental design made to knowledge at this Here and Now. You are so divinely perfect!!!! Embrace who you are! Ancient Being of Light!

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