Bufo Healing Retreats

Private and Group Ceremonies
Message if you feel the calling of the Sacred Medicine of the Toad! 🐸
Retreats coming soon for full immersion, healing, & integration…
Where would you like to go first of the vortex’s….?
♾Taos, New Mexico
♾Sedona, Arizona
♾Lake Tahoe, Nevada
♾Monument Valley, Utah
♾Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee
♾Crater Lake, Oregon
♾Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
♾Mount Shasta, California
♾Lake Michigan, Michigan
♾Lovell, Wyoming
♾Tulum, Mexico (this one may be first!)
Dm if you feel the calling for a retreat.
✨Energy Clearings
✨Connection Integration Circles & Individuals
✨Tantra, Kundalini, Yin/Restorative Ashtanga, Trauma-Informed, Energetics Yoga
✨Buddhist Traditional Meditation
✨Kambo Ceremony
✨Bufo Ceremonies
✨Plant-Based Meals
✨Ecstatic Dance
✨Fire Ceremony
✨Cacao Ceremony
✨Mayan Calendar, Astrology, Human Design Wisdom
✨Elements Ceremony
✨Chakra Alignment & Tools
✨MFR & Meridian Line Healings & Teachings
✨Consciousness Awareness & Reprogramming
✨Pachamama Plantas y Animales Teachings- Herbal Medicina
Team of experienced and trained healers, facilitators, sound healers, yoga teachers, & massage therapists
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