Evolution Yoga

Thank you Spirit for leading me, guiding me, showing me the Truth, helping me to clear all energy that needed to leave my soul and body!
Brothers and Sisters…it is Divine to have met all of you, to practice with you, to share space and love with you, to share this Medicine that has helped to heal me and others!
Thank you Guy & Al for your continued love and support for your community! You are Amazing! @grooveamatic269 @aljamesondc
A background about this practice! I had fallen in love with yoga when I was at my lowest and darkest of times. Yoga helped me to see the Truth and Power within me! I started to balance and create strength that I never had dreamed about. That was exactly it…I had never Dreamt Big Enough! I was what I had manifested and receiving the Energy of what I was putting out there.
This practice is a combination of everything I’ve learned over the years!
I blend:
Krishna Consciousness
Bufo Consciousness Ashtanga Yoga Lineage
8 Trigram Organ White Tiger Qigong
Thai Chi
Buti Yoga
The Art of Surrendering
Self Love
Relationship Therapy
NASM Nutritionist
Meridian Lines & Chakras
Voice Activation
Energy Cleansing
The thing is, I was about to come out with this practice as a Class the day we went into quarantine last year. Spirit said you’re not ready yet. The practice isn’t ready yet. You haven’t done enough, let go enough, learned enough, there’s more to learn and let go of before you share this Medicine with others. So when cVd hit, Synchronisticly I dove deep into Pachamama’s Sacred Medicine Ceremonies ( @usntbrooke ), of all kinds, with my partner and without him, as we healed our wounds, deprogrammed, and learned how to love ourselves more, to love each other, and we surrendered to Spirit. I let go of my house, my clothes, my job, and then everything was gifted back to me 10 fold. As I still receive, because I’m following my Souls Purpose.
Pachamama Evolved me. My practice Evolved! This practice is to help integrate with Pachamama, with her Medicina, with her Grace, Peace, & Love!
Thank you Pachamama for always teaching me and guiding me. I honor you. I honor me. I honor all life.
Haux Haux

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