Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna
This mantra has changed my life.
Every time I need to find the divine moment of Now, I say this mantra when I’m angry, happy, sad, silly, and grateful moments….
It draws me closer to me,
To finding the comfort in all moments of life.
To see the divine in all.
To find appreciation in all those learning lesson moments.
To spread the word about god consciousness
Krishna consciousness
You are God
God is within you.
You really have the power of God within you.
We’ve been conditioned for too long to give away our Power.
This mantra allows you to see your Power and Potential as the God you are.
There is a fine line here of thinking that you’re “higher than others,” “glorified personality,” and other ways of this nature…can you see and get past the Ego, to see that God is All, we are All, that there is no higher than others, we are all the same, we are all one, all the trees, birds, creepy crawlers, the haters, the lovers, the aliens, all existence is all God and so are we.
In the Human Material moments when you forget how Powerful you really are, when you’re letting the world, or a person get you to another vibration or frequency you don’t like…say this mantra to draw you to the divine moment of Creation of Now, the Power of You, the Power of the God in you, and all Manifestation.
Hare Krishna
Last night was so beautiful and powerful😘 thank you all @garagemahalhtx @john.transcend
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