Your Spit will Heal the Earth

One secret of life, that took me 31 years to learn on my own…I use the Earth to walk upon,
I use the Trees to breathe upon,
I use the Air to breathe upon,
I use the Water to live upon,
I use the Earth to feed upon,
I use the Fire to heat upon everything,
I use Gas to make Fire,
I use Molecules to transform upon,
I use Spirit to Pray,
I Use all these things, instead of just “USING”
PRAY UPON THE ELEMENTS YOU WORK WITH, they’re working with you, because you asked them to.
Every Element has a Spirit, you’re intentially working with Spirit, so remember what you’re thinking about all the time as you walk, eat, breathe, move, your life is a LIVING PRAYER!
The secrets to a healthy, connected Soul:
♾Spit to the Earth- not just a spit, but a let the water trickle from your mouth to breathe with the heart of the Earth.
♾Have Fire and Water with you as much as you can, pray to them all the time, work with them to bless you with their presence. The water is your mother. The fire is your father.
♾Sing! This is the song of Life, are you singing or sitting back? Can you take the leap?! Sing your voice, your vibration, your own songs of life, your liberation, speak your truth and let it be.
♾ Just be, find stillness and go within, with
Nothing to do,
Nowhere to go,
No agenda,
No time,
No calendar,
No list,
Nothing else exists, other than the moment of just right now.
Remember who you are.
We are One Blood
One Water
One Earth
One Light,
All elements have been another element before. All elements work with each other to support each other element. You cannot have one element without the other. You are a Divine perfection of all elements combined and transformed into one.

You are the tallest mountains that have ever existed.
You are the deepest waters that have ever moved.
you are the tallest tree, with the widest roots that have ever grown.
you are the light of the sun. You are the sun.


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