May Your Visions Be Clear

Everything that you see in this reality is a manifestation of you. Every thought creates a manifestation into reality. The power of belief is so strong your mind cannot comprehend it. You have the power to create anything that you think. Everything that you think is real and true, so be careful and conscious of what you are thinking about at all times. When someone is yelling at you and you react right back in yelling, this reaction is really you yelling at yourself. Sometimes we get angry or frustrated and when we act out this vibration it will eventually kill you. Anger is a disease. The longer you stay angry and upset and keep releasing a negative vibration your body will respond to the negative vibration and create a disease, sickness, illness within your physical body. To create more healing and more love within your body, self, heart, and peace of mind, it is easier to have these things when we do not react to another person‘s negative energy. The only way to find this inner peace is to go deep within and close your eyes and find stillness. In the most quiet of creation you will find source you will find yourself and you will find your power. Once you tap into this knowingness, this feeling, and this power you have the ability to think and manifest anything that you want, then taking this consciousness into even more of a physical reality start to move your body in a way that matches with your heart and your spirit so that you will have peace of mind and the body and within your heart and soul.


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