Roses are You

Roses help those remember who they are.
The Rose is You.
Take care of your Rose.
Your Rose is your loved ones.
Care for her.
Love her.
Water her.
Tend to her.
Feed her.
Trim her.
Take care of her space.
Her limbs.
Her thorns.
She still needs you to care.
Your Rose is always there for you.
You are the Rose.
Remember who you are Brothers and Sisters.
It’s so simple, and so easy to forget in a world with distractions.
Focus on You!
There’s no other need.
Listen to your heart.
You need nothing outside of you.
Everything on the outside is manifested from you.
You are it!
You’re it!
Believe it!
You are the Earth,
We are One Being
One Heart.
In a world with millions of Roses.
All the Roses make one Rose.
Love your petals and peel your layers.
Strip your Ego.
Shed the past.
Walk with Beauty.
Sing with Beauty.
Sing the Song of Life.
Everyone Sing!
Everyone Dance!
Yes you were meant to!
Believe beautiful Soul you are worth everything!!!!!!


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