It’s all within.
In is outside.
Outside is inside.
All around,
No separation.
Inside work is the outside work reflection.
The more realizations “inside,” outside manifestation is aligned with Source, showing as Synchronicities,
Realizing these is the Beauty of Life!
Integration of the Realizations,
Living it,
Being it,
Loving it,
It is all of Life,
Doing it,
Doing is Being,
Being is Doing,
It’s all the same,
No matter what you do,
It aligns you with Source,
Do you want to tap in consciously?
Everything is Bufo,
Everything is Creator,
Wake up,
You’re in Heaven on Earth,
Create it,
Beyond the veil of war, hate, depression, suppression, all of a state of mind,
Beyond the illusions is the “state of being,”
Being Love
Being in Love,
Aligned with All,
Content with All,
Knowing all is on Purpose and aligned for your highest good,
Your path,
The calling is already here
Go sit with self,
Be in Love,
All is well,
All is perfect and divine,
You’ll, we’ll all hear more.
No more reading,
No more doing,
Just Be,

#bufo #bufoconsciousness

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